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So Michael Vick was released from Federal prison yesterday (July 20, 2009) in Hampton, VA after serving a 19 month sentence on convicted dogfighting charges. Although Vick plans to play professional football, he probably won't be playing in the NFL for the 2009-2010 season. Reporters say NFL commissioner Roger Goodell well most likely make Vick prove himself more by showing to the league and America that his time in prison was justified by honorable actions after his sentence. Although Vick may not play in the NFL next season, there is a good chance of him playing in the newly anticipated UFL (United Football League) that starts in September 2009 and based out of cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Orlando, and 3 others. Read my full article here:

The biggest upset about the 2009 ESPY's was the "Best Game Of The Year" award. The epic 2009 Big East tournament that hosted Syracuse Vs. UConn in an insane six overtime game should have been the clear cut winner in this category. Instead a weak, boring Super Bowl 43 (yeah I said it shit was wack besides one play to Arizona's Fitzgerald) between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals won the award.

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