September 14 will be a G.O.O.D. day

So it's been said - via twitter 2 days ago - that the G.O.O.D. music crew will drop Kanye's "Good Ass Job," Big Sean's "Finally Famous," x Cudders "Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager." Now theres no telling if this is true - since release dates are hard to believe - but if truth has been told, then this would be a dope move for not only CuDi x 'Ye, but mostly for Big Sean to have the same release date as the two heavies because it would promote his project and expand Big Sean to the unknown due in large part by G.O.O.D. music promoting multiple projects at once with an already well established fan base in Cudder x Kanye, and not only that, but I could cop all three at once :).

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Cypher Kingdom | 6/26/2010

Here is some rawness captured from the first Cypher Kingdom to hit Dallas. If you didn't know, Cypher Kingdom is a dance event that plans to bring hip-hop back to the community with b-boy, krumping, poppin' x house dance contests. It calls for all hip-hop heads x dancers to come celebrate hip-hop and bring the elements back to our community. If you missed the event last Sat. there will be plenty more in the coming months; we will keep you posted on the next upcoming Cypher Kingdom event.

For more info on the event email:

Photography by PH x Michael Stewart

(C)2009 The Tunnelvision Blog all rights reserved

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The Roots x John Legend: "Wake Up!"

After releasing their new album "How I Got Over" earlier this week, The Roots bless the musical world with more good news. The legendary collective joins forces with John Legend to record an album, entitled "Wake Up!" The album will consist of renditions of ten songs from the 1960’s and 70’s. Here is the scoop on the project.

- J. Schlegel

Cypher Kingdom x Move Studios

In an attempt to rejuvenate, and bring hip-hop back to its roots - the community, a Rhythms of Life Movement presents: Cypher Kingdom, which will be one of the rawest urban dance events to hit the DFW on Saturday, June 26 from 6pm-9pm. Now when we saw raw, we mean little choreo, 4 alternating cyphers (circle), one dancer at a time (no battles) and a lot of raw movement from the love of the music. Cypher Kingdom will be host to 4 styles over a two hour period which include: B-Boying, Krumping, Poppin' x House dancing. The Cypher Kingdom event not only calls for all dancers to revive our hip-hop community, but it summons for the hip-hop x dance lovers in our community to re-spark the movement.

The event only cost $5 - the dancers are more focused on bringing back hip-hop to our community rather then money - so come out and show some love for the talent in Dallas and help bring back hip-hop elements in our community.

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Cypher Kingdom Promo

Move Studio | Preston Rd. | Dallas, Tx 17602 | 972.732.0206 | Cypher Kingdom 6pm-9pm

Sour Grapes x We Are 1976

We Are 1976 is hosting a dope art show for the Sour Grapes crew of Dallas. These cats are beyond proper with the detail and their work proves it. Sour Grapes x We Are 1976 invites you to join them in the festivities of the art show on Friday, June 25 @ 7pm, so come out and enjoy art x music at its finest with tunes provided by DJ Sober and browse We Are 1976 for other items that might catch your attention and support the Sour Grapes crew. And if you can't make the art show, there will be an little soiree at Zubar afterwards to get your weekend started off right.

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We Are 1976 | 1902 N. Henderson | Dallas, Tx 75206 | 214.821.1976

Quality NYC: "Don't Just Dream" Mixtape

Straight outta Harlem, Quality NYC is doing his thing as an up-in-coming hip-hop artist/producer that expresses dope lyrics with substance over soulful beats. At first, the cover art caught my eye, but after listening to tracks " Dream Again " x " Do It Right" I knew dude was no joke. Quality NYC dropped his new project "Don't Just Dream" a few days ago; I'm a little less then half-way through the tape now...and all I gotta say is don't sleep on this cat. Quality NYC....get familiar.

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Cover Art:

New Music: Kid CuDi - REVOFEV

Cudder dropped some newness "REVOFEV" - which stands for Revolution of Evolution - off his upcoming album "Man on The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager" early this morning. Be on the lookout for CuDi's sophomore drop Sept. 14 2010.

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Miike Snow x Granada Recap - 6/7/2010

Monday, June 7th was definitely a night to remember for the sold out crowd at the Granada Theatre. We took our usual spot in front of the stage just in time to catch the unfamiliar sound of Canon Blue. I checked out a few songs before the show and was not only pleased with their sound, but also their live performance - considering frontman Daniel James plays all the instruments himself on Canon Blue's debut album "The Colonies." The set had a dreamy, folktronica haze blending sweet melodies with distorted sounds and heavy bass. Before they left the stage he warned the crowd we were " in for a real treat visually and aurally,” which was a huge understatement.
After machines produced enough fog to make it resemble the Devin the Dude show, blue-purple and white lasers blinded the crowd as six shadowy figures emerged on stage wearing mysterious white masks with a huge backdrop of their mascot, the Jackalope (a creepy rabbit with antlers). Meet Miike Snow, a swedish electronica-pop band - were no one in it is actually named Miike Snow. The six musicians on stage had quite the set up: guitar, keyboards and pianos, drums and synthesizers, fog machines, strobe lights and lasers of every color shining every which way - if that’s not a dance party, I don’t know what is. They started out with up-beat hits like “Cult Logic," “Plastic Jungle” and “Black and Blue” all from their self-titled debut. The song “Animal” was easily the crowd fave thanks to the extended outro that turned the crowd from swaying and nodding to full on out-of-control jumping, dancing and screaming. After an hour of pouring sweat and being pushed and shoved along with the crowd, I wanted to leave as soon as the last song finished, but when the mysterious figures returned for an encore to play “In search of” I suddenly didn’t mind that my make-up was running, my jeans were stuck to my legs, and my hair was knotted. That song was mind-blowing and Miike Snow successfully put on one of the greatest live shows I have ever seen. It will be awhile before the Granada experiences something like that again.

- Shelby B.

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New Music: The Roots x John Legend - Fire

The Roots' new single "Fire" off album How I Got Over; look for the June 22 drop.

Go hard ladies and gents...go hard.

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Dunn and Brown Contemporary: Sam Reveles x Robyn O'Neil Exhibitions

Sam Reveles - Untitled Drawings | 24x18

Dunn and Brown Contemporary are host to artists Sam Reveles x Robyn O'Neil and their latest exhibitions "Juarez Paintings" x "Come, all that is quite".

Sam Reveles "Juarez Paintings" Exhibition:

Sam Reveles - Mandala Painting 2009, 2010 | 78x88

Once you walk into the Sam Reveles "Juarez Paintings" exhibit at Dunn and Brown you are gasped by the extremely bold, chaotic, and peaceful oil x acrylic paintings and gouaches on paper - especially by the larger wall pieces. Reveles' "Juarez Paintings" is an exhibit inspired by the war and violence being dispensed upon the city of Juarez, Mexico - a neighboring city from Reveles' hometown of El Paso, Texas. Reveles expresses his emotions using the Mandala technique, which usually expresses peace, but with Reveles chaotic techniques used within his work you can see the frustration that may be implied due to Juarez, Mexico turning into one of the top murder capitals in the nation, which is due in large part by drug trafficking.

Sam Reveles - Untitled Drawing | 24x18

Robyn O'Neil "Come, all that is quite" Exhibition:

Robyn O'Neil - Come All Things Quite 2009 | 60x60

This exhibit was definitely interesting, while talking with a staff member of Dunn and Brown Contemporary, I got the sense that Robyn O'Neil's "Come, all that is quite" exhibit expresses either man becoming more in-tune with nature - taking it back to the Romanticism and the Frontier Myth days - or man viewing nature and the world without boundaries. The mechanical pencil drawings definitely leave room for ones imagination to wander x wonder.

Robyn O'Neil - Phantom Limb | 60x60

Robyn O'Neil - On Sorrow 2009 | 60x60

"While O’Neil’s previous body of work narrated epic scenes of men struggling against Nature and the coming Apocalypse, she has now created drawings depicting a world after the world has won. The sublime power of Nature has dominated and her distinctive figures - men in identical track suits and Nike running shoes - have disappeared. The depictions now replace the previous landscapes, expansive mountains and ominous, stormy skies with images of a world disjointed and turned upside down, with seemingly no gravity and often lacking a horizon line. For example, the piece for which this show was titled, Come, all that is quiet, depicts only the back of a man’s head and a small looming cloud above him. The head floats in space as the figure gazes out over an empty world, perhaps representing a memory or reflection of what was once there." - Dunn and Brown Contemporary

Robyn O'Neil - Something Vanished Over Paradise 2009

Robyn O'Neil - Mind of Others 2009 | 60x60

Exhibit ends July 19, 2010.

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All Photographs (C) 2009 The Tunnelvision Blog all rights reserved

Dunn and Brown Contemporary | 5020 Tracy St. | Dallas, Tx 75205 | 214.521.4322

Gordon and The Whale Present: Best Worst Movie Premier at Inwood

Gordon and The Whale (GATW) are hosting an incredibly funny x interesting documentary at Inwood Theater this Friday night. The documentary "Best Worst Movie" (BWM) produced by Brad Klopman stars actor George Hardy of the late 1980s film "Troll 2." Now I don't know about you, but that movie scared the hell out of me - considering I was 4 at the time - and I'm now living with a life long fear of green, un-proportionate trolls....But besides all that, " Troll 2" has been dubbed the worst movie of all time - to say the least - and "BWM" is a film that catches up with long lost actor George Hardy (star of Troll 2) and his new life as a small town dentist in Alabama that suddenly becomes a cult movie icon. You can see by the trailer - after the jump - that this documentary isn't only enjoyable, but hilarious as well.

Check out "Best Worst Movie" by Brad Klopman presented by Gordon and The Whale at Inwood theater Friday June 11, 2010. There will be two showings for the film: 7pm x 9:00pm and there will also be a special showing of " Troll 2 " at midnight.

Producer Brad Klopman and star of "Troll 2" George Hardy will be on deck as well, along with a dope Q & A sesh from GATW after the film.

Tickets on sale now at Inwood Theater.

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"Best Worst Movie" Trailer:

Critical Acclaim:

“…simply astounding…one of the best documentaries of 2009…”

"Hilarious, touching and completely enjoyable… The very best kind of surprise." 3.5/4 Stars – Playboy Magazine

"Stunning and profound…stands on its own as one of the finest documentaries I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, poignant and a must see."
-Film School Rejects

Inwood Theater | Dallas, Tx | 5458 W. Lovers Ln. | 214.764.9106

TiRon x MSTRD Mixtape

No review x hype line needed for this. With prod. by Oddisee, MF Doom x more, and features by Asher Roth, Ayomari x more the homie TiRon did his thing on his follow up album "MSTRD." Simply dope...all I can say, enjoy.

Download here.

TiRon - The Richers ft. Blu x Asher Roth

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Centre x BOGO Sale

Excuse the lateness, but Centre is hooking you ladies and gents up with a BOGO - buy one get one 1/2 off - sale, which ends tom. June 6, 2010. Spend $100 and they will even throw a free Centre tee @ you as well. So go ahead and make that quick trip to Mockingbird Station and cop some goodies for these heat wave days.
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Devin The Dude x Suite 420 Tour x Granada Theater

Started off the Memorial Day weekend with my first Devin The Dude show on May 29, 2010. Devin The Dude, Jugg Mugg, Rob Quest x the rest of the crew definitely put on a good show and showed some love to Dallas on their last stop of the tour. Rob Quest is prob. one of the happiest dudes I've ever seen; cat was smiling and just enjoying life for the whole show...him being blind definitely doesn't stop him from enjoying himself - was a beautiful moment. Check some rawness from the show:

Cool Kidz x Tacklebox Mixtape

The Cool Kidz dropped a little somethin' to ease you over this summer until "When Fish Ride Bicycles" LP drops within' the coming months. The "Tacklebox" mixtape is a ready up until the LP, which still bangs with smooth beats and solid lyrics that shows what the duo has been cooking up recently; enjoy.

Download Here.