N.R.G. Exhibit @ HCG Gallery | 9.18.2010

Artists: Sergio Garcia

HCG Gallery | 1130 Dragon St. | Dallas, TX | 9.18.2010 | 7pm-9pm

HCG Gallery is host to a new exhibit dubbed N.R.G. - Nelson | Ross | Garcia - which features bodies of work by Dallas' most followed x cultural artists Mark Nelson, Richard Ross x Sergio Garcia. The three artists have independently established their own following, as well as a respectable rep. as being top new-age artists in the DFW area.

The N.R.G. Exhibit allows for the eye of the behold to view, and gauge the diversity of each artists works as individuals, which will include some dope canvas, sculpture, collage x photo pieces by the trio, as well as photography Andrew Williams.

The opening reception for N.R.G. is September, 18 2010 from 7pm-9pm, so come out and meet the visionaire's, and support local art.

Artists from left-right:
Sergio Garcia; Mark Nelson; Richard Ross.

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HCG Gallery | 1130 Dragon St. | Dallas, TX | 214.760.9230

Swatch New Gent

Love the G-Shock, but want a nice alternative to go with a more classic x clean look? Well Swatch introduces their newest version of the original gent model, which features the original model on a large scale, hue on hue color-ways, and a simple x clean look - we are suckers for the "less is more" mentality.

The watch isn't available until September 20, but you can pre-order it at Colette for about $60 USD.

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Iphone Kicktionary App

Inari Mobile Technologies has produced a dope app called "Kicktionary," which provides some biography on classic, new releases, and limited shoes. Right now there are around 200 shoes sectioned into categories which include: Basketball, Jordan, Running, etc. that are archived in the app - which are all nike as of now. The app is going to be constantly updated with new releases x classics, which will include a variety of brands added to the list.

The app is on sale for $1 for a limited time during the summer in the app-store. Downloading the app took a good minute, I would definitely download it directly through itunes, then installing it on your iphone.

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Matrimoney Clothing x TTV Interview

We got a chance to catch up with Will x Geoff of local Dallas brand Matrimoney Clothing, and if you don't know what Matrimoney Clothing is...get familiar. Simply taking over Dallas one day at a time, as well as other cities around the nation; Matrimoney Clothing is on the grind infiltrating the fashion world and becoming a legitimate brand in the streetwear game before our eyes.

1. TTV: Yoo, what up Will & Geoff. Thanks for taking the time out to have a word. So for people who don't know, Who, and what is Matrimoney Clothing all about?

Will x Geoff: "Basically Matrimoney Consists of 2 all around grinders. Everything you see - blogs, website posts, shows, events - if it says Matrimoney...Geoff & I did it. Matrimoney means: 'Married to the Money.'"

2. TTV: What has been your approach to design?

Will x Geoff: "Clean and Simple, while still achieving our streetwear appeal."

3. TTV: So I understand Curren$y reps Matrimoney on the reg., how did you guys link up together?

Will x Geoff: "Met Spitta while we were in 10th grade, we were sponsors for a fashion show he was performing at. The guys who were throwing the show took him around the city to shop, stopped by Centre were he initially saw our tees. The guys contacted us before the show, met him at the hotel..been all love ever since."

4. TTV: Being on the grind for around 3-4 years with the brand, how does it feel to see it's growth? Not only within Dallas, but other markets around the U.S. as well, and where do you hope to see the brand in the coming future?

Will x Geoff: "It's amazing mos def starting to notice; you can make what ever you want happen. Our goal is to take over Local>Regional>National>International."

5. TTV: Besides tees, what else does Matrimoney produce (fitteds, accessories, etc.)

Will x Geoff: "We have a total of 5 snapbacks to date, Matrimoney "Kennedys" our sunglasses, which are available in White, Black, Brown, and Tortoise."

6. TTV: Now I gotta ask, I've seen a lot of 2012 stuff on your twitter - superstition, or legitimate truth in your eye?
Will x Geoff: "Superstition Definitely not! Everything is based off pure facts: 1859 solar flares burned out power from Europe to North America, 1989 Solar Flares left Quebec, Canada w.o power for over 9hrs x NASA released a statement stating that a 2012 solar flare would leave THE WORLD powerless (energy) for at least 7yrs. I cant say that is what will happen however, rather be prepared."

7. TTV: Top 5 Artists

Will x Geoff: "Hova, Wiz, Wayne, J. Cole x Ross."

8. TTV: Any Matrimoney x ??? collabs in the works?

Will x Geoff: "Yes, currently actually."

9. TTV: The weather isn't cooling off out here in Dallas anytime soon, but is there a Fall 2011 collection in the works, and if so, what can we expect from it?

Will x Geoff: "Crewneck sweaters, hoodies, hats, as well as tees and more accessories."

10. TTV: Where can people cop Matrimoney Clothing?

Will x Geoff: "Matrimoney Is available to Dallas locals @ Centre in Mockingbird Station, as well as Adikt in West Village."
11. TTV: What, or who are some inspirations to the Matrimoney crew? (Brands, artists, MC's, family, etc.) and why?

Will x Geoff: "Can't really name just one person, because there are tons of great people. Just really anyone who is grinding, not really following everyone else, but someone who is paving their own way."

Cop Matrimoney at:

Gotocentre.com (Dallas Tx, West, Village)
Adiktfootwear.com (Dallas, Tx - West Village)

Interview by - Phillip H.

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Big Sean @ Trees Hosted by Matrimoney, Centre, x Scoremore | 9.25.2010 |Trees | 2907 Elm Street | Dallas, Texas

Matrimoney Clothing, Centre x Scoremore are also hosting a dope show by bringing Big Sean to Dallas with artists including: Mickey Factz, Freesol; local artists Kevin Jack, Multi ID, Lil Tony x Androppolis. Tickets on-sale at Scoremore x Centre.

Also, Centre is hosting a meet x greet for ticket holders before the show at 5pm in-store. So drop by, say what to Big Sean, cop some Matrimoney, and enjoy life.

Kaws: "Passing Through" Exhibit

One of our favorite artists KAWS is preparing for his upcoming exhibit "Passing Through" in Hong Kong, which features his signature character on a massive scale. I'm sure there will be more models of the artists iconic characters in the larger then life-size. More info on the exhibit soon.

Kaws: "Passing Through" Exhibit will take place sometime in October located in Harbour City, Hong Kong.

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New Music: Perajok x Kanye West - G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape | J. Nolan - Broken Dreams Mixtape

J.Nolan - "Broken Dreams" Mixtape

We came across this cat somehow this morning, and was intrigued by the cover art that has one of those chill-ass downtown nights vibe. Good thing it caught our eye, because the tape is still spinning as we speak.

J. Nolan delivers some dope lyrics, with some extremely smooth, jazz x soulful beats with heavy percussions, keys and strings to accompany. Pop this in your car, drop the top, roll all the windows down...whatever you gotta do, but this cd is mad chill and beyond legit. Can't wait to see what's next from this cat.


Perajok x Kanye West - "G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape"

With all the G.O.O.D. music tracks floating around, Perajok decided to combine all the dopeness and newness from the G.O.O.D. music camp with joints by Consequence, KiD CuDi, Mr. Hudson, Taz Arnold, GLC, Big Sean, Fonzworth Bently, Kanye West, John Legend, Tony Williams x Really Doe, which will serve as a delicious treat for the ears until 'Ye's September 14 drop.

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"Game Changer of the week" | Laws: 5:01 (Overtime)

Here at TTV we search for artists that pursue to change the industry with their own added flavor by perfecting their craft...in an unconventional way, and Laws is definitely doing his thing by seamlessly infiltrating the hip-hop world. No lie we slept on dude with his "4:57 " drop back in February, and although this is long over-due, his latest work "5:01 - (Overtime) " is fire.

Brazilian born, Florida based MC Laws - and signed artist to J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League x Warner Brothers - provides a dope lyrical reservoir of tracks that mixes elements of progressive, R&B, rock, x indie hip-hop...while still keeping it raw.

Join Laws on his lyrical and artistic growth quest as an artist with tracks produced by 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, Justice League; features by Emilio Rojas, Jay Rock, Big K.R.I.T. x more on his latest work "5:01 (Overtime) "- which is a re-released version of mixtape "4:57 " with 4 added new tracks - as he transitions from a normal 9-5, to living his dream as a full-time artist.

TTV Crew

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Laws Ft. Emilio Rojas x Big K.R.I.T. "Hold You Down"

Laws - Shining produced by 9th Wonder

Word Life x Money Stax EP: "Monopoly"

Dallas artists Word Life x Money Stax - who is also the co-host of 89.3 Knon's 'Knowledge Drop, Lessons Taught' all hip-hop segment with EZ Eddie D from 5-7pm on Saturdays - dropped a new EP with features from local's 7even, Rico, x 97.9's Headkrack.

KiD CuDi x Kanye West: "Wylin Cause I'm Young"

New track "Wylin Cause I'm Young" by Cudder and 'Ye off Perajok x Kanye West Mixtape "G.O.O.D. Ass" Mixtape, which drops this Monday - 8.16.2010.

G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape Artwork

Shogun Store: Summer 2010 Tees

Shogun seems to be hard at work with their new Summer 2010 collection dropping online on Tuesday (8.17.2010), which includes a dope collab on a design with Fur Face Boy x a little Andy Worhol inspiration, here's a peak of the new summer 2010 collection. For more visit Shogun Store.

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Shogun Store | 3054 S. University Dr. | Ft. Worth, Tx | 817.923.4700

Mac Miller - K.I.D.S. Mixtape

Had to do the daily fb check this morning and came across Mac Miller's Ustream. Repping Rostrom Records, Most Dope x Taylor Gang, Mac Miller kicked off his highly anticipated mixtape "K.I.D.S." - Kickin'.Incredibly.Dope. Shit. - at 96.1 Kiss in PA. Mac leaked an early site to download his mixtape before the actual 1pm drop and had the site x twitter flooded. Keep a look out for this cat, ever since I saw the video for "Kool Aid x Frozen Pizza" it's been nothing but smooth sailing for the 18 year old. This tape is definitely a good look for the latter end of the summer x the campus grind.

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Album Artwork:

The Take Off On S. Lamar St. | 8.13.2010

The Take Off | 1409 S. Lamar St. | Dallas, Tx | 8.13.2010 | 8pm-12pm

Metathinq invites you to join them this Friday night on South Lamar St. to revel in the celebration of culture among Dallas. Take Off is an event that acknowledges Dallas as a rising global / diverse city and commits to building the next generation of global citizens , which is host to a bevy of Dallas performers and good grub provided by Texas Caribbean Foods.

This benefit event presented by the Marcus Graham Project - a Dallas based non-profit organization - calls to raise funds for GlobalWings - Globe Aware Youth Scholarship, which makes it possible for under-privileged children who are unable to see the world outside of their neighborhood, state, city, or country, and allows talented children to volunteer or take courses abroad - 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Global Aware Youth Scholarship fund.

The event is only $5, but be sure to bring cash for donations x food - no cards accepted.

South Side on Lamar | 1409 S. Lamar St. | Dallas, Tx 75215

The Take Off Event Trailer:


- PH
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Dos Equis x Kaws

For all the Dos lover's out there, you probably have heard the buzz about the design of both Dos Equis amber and lager bottle by NY-based artist Kaws; the limited edition beer bottles are finally finished , and hold Kaws' signature "x-eyes," along with a dope all-over print. The bottle is set for a September 2010 release in Mexico.

Big Sean Finally Famous Vol. 3 Trailer

Dead Stock Presents: Kixpo 2010 | 8.15.2010 | Dallas, TX

Lofty Spaces | 816 Montgomery St. Dallas, TX | 8.15.2010 | 2PM

Dead Stock gears up to host once again the dopest sneaker x streetwear event to hit Dallas - Kixpo sponsored by Scion of Lewisville. Lofty Spaces will be the place to locate on Sunday where you will find live art, music, special guest, giveaways, vendors x stores from all-over which include locals: Matrimoney Clothing, Love.Supreme.Dream., Centre, SportSole, Index Skateboard Supply; along with Complete Clothing.

MTV3 will be in the house along with sounds by DJ Tyrone x DJ Love, and what's an event without giving back to the community? Kixpo also serves as an outlet to cater to local organization Shoes for Orphan Souls. Kixpo encourages you to bring a pair of new children's shoes to be donate to those less fortunate around the world.

The event is free - yes FREE - so come enjoy life with good people, and support a good cause while indulging in one of the best events to hit Dallas.

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Lofty Spaces | 816 Montgomery St. | Dallas, TX | 214.457.6789

Sour Grapes x CocoAndre Chocolatier Art Show 8/13/2010

Sour Grapes Art show at CocoAndre Chocolatier | 831 W. Davis St. | 8.13.2010 7pm

The CocoAndre Chocolatier invites you to spend the evening in Oak Cliff with good people, european chocolates, and indulge in art by the Sour Grapes - a dope street x graffiti art crew in Dallas for those who aren't up. The Sour Grapes crew will not only be hosting an amazing art show, but also unveiling their t-shirt release with collaboration by local street brand Loyal KNG; so what's not to like? Art x truffles...proper. Check some dopeness from Loyal KNG's mini-docu of the Sour Grapes 13 crew working on their latest project.

Art show starts @ 7pm.

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CocoAndre Chocolatier | 831 W. Davis St. | Dallas, TX 75208 | 214.941.3030

Kiddrae x Fresh New Tracks x Tum Tum "Purp Kobain"

Kiddrae x Fresh New Tracks linked up with Tum Tum to do a mini-docu on the Dallas rapper x get some info with his upcoming drop "Purp Kobain." Check the teaser vid x be on the look for Tum Tum's mixtape "Purp Kobain," dope.

Zillaman from Kiddrae on Vimeo.

Tum Tum - Purp Kobain Album artwork:

Dom Kennedy @ Republic Live Sept. 3

Republic Live | 301 West. 5th St. | Austin, Texas | September 3 @ 7pm

The Smoking Section bless's us with the mighty Dom Kennedy, which will be hitting Austin Sept. 3, 2010. If you don't know who Dom Kennedy is...please climb out of the rock you've been living under and get real familiar. The Cali rapper will be accompanied by Killa Kyleon x others @ Republic Live in Austin, Texas September 3 (That's a Friday for those without a calendar.) So go ahead and plan to hit the show, or take off work for those who live outside of ATX because this show will be doper than dope.

Republic Live | 301 West. 5th St. | Austin, Texas 78071 | 512.480.9888

Creative Rec. Spring 2011

Creative Recreation is gearing up for a few showings displaying their new Spring '11 Collection. Adding an emphasis to women's shoes, along with Italian textures x interesting looks for some new models. Here's a peek of the brands newness, def. might see the new summer low-pro taking over.

New Music: Wale "More About Nothing"

It's sad to see Wale's album "Attention Deficit" not get the respect it deserved and low album sales due to lack of planning by the music industry, but Mr. Folarin punches back with another lyrically filled album and presents his newest work "More About Nothing" - which features cover art of Wale standing next to the cast of Seinfeld which is a show about....well, nothing.

Wale is def. known for not lacking substance in his work, and the new mixtape delivers nothing less and includes features from Wiz Khalifa, Roscoe Dash, Dre from Cool and Dre, Avery Storm and surprisingly enough Waka Flocka Flame ( a definite surprise); production by Cool and Dre, Bassheads x Best Kept Secret.

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BrandUn DeShay x Lupe Fiasco " I'm Beamin" Remix

In case you didn't know, our Chi-town homie BrandUn DeShay gets busy on the mic, but as well as producing fire, so if you need a track get at him. Here's his latest remix to Lupe Fiasco's "I'm Beamin'" track. I'm tellin you, DeShay is getting better with time...don't sleep.

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