Matrimoney Clothing x TTV Interview

We got a chance to catch up with Will x Geoff of local Dallas brand Matrimoney Clothing, and if you don't know what Matrimoney Clothing is...get familiar. Simply taking over Dallas one day at a time, as well as other cities around the nation; Matrimoney Clothing is on the grind infiltrating the fashion world and becoming a legitimate brand in the streetwear game before our eyes.

1. TTV: Yoo, what up Will & Geoff. Thanks for taking the time out to have a word. So for people who don't know, Who, and what is Matrimoney Clothing all about?

Will x Geoff: "Basically Matrimoney Consists of 2 all around grinders. Everything you see - blogs, website posts, shows, events - if it says Matrimoney...Geoff & I did it. Matrimoney means: 'Married to the Money.'"

2. TTV: What has been your approach to design?

Will x Geoff: "Clean and Simple, while still achieving our streetwear appeal."

3. TTV: So I understand Curren$y reps Matrimoney on the reg., how did you guys link up together?

Will x Geoff: "Met Spitta while we were in 10th grade, we were sponsors for a fashion show he was performing at. The guys who were throwing the show took him around the city to shop, stopped by Centre were he initially saw our tees. The guys contacted us before the show, met him at the hotel..been all love ever since."

4. TTV: Being on the grind for around 3-4 years with the brand, how does it feel to see it's growth? Not only within Dallas, but other markets around the U.S. as well, and where do you hope to see the brand in the coming future?

Will x Geoff: "It's amazing mos def starting to notice; you can make what ever you want happen. Our goal is to take over Local>Regional>National>International."

5. TTV: Besides tees, what else does Matrimoney produce (fitteds, accessories, etc.)

Will x Geoff: "We have a total of 5 snapbacks to date, Matrimoney "Kennedys" our sunglasses, which are available in White, Black, Brown, and Tortoise."

6. TTV: Now I gotta ask, I've seen a lot of 2012 stuff on your twitter - superstition, or legitimate truth in your eye?
Will x Geoff: "Superstition Definitely not! Everything is based off pure facts: 1859 solar flares burned out power from Europe to North America, 1989 Solar Flares left Quebec, Canada w.o power for over 9hrs x NASA released a statement stating that a 2012 solar flare would leave THE WORLD powerless (energy) for at least 7yrs. I cant say that is what will happen however, rather be prepared."

7. TTV: Top 5 Artists

Will x Geoff: "Hova, Wiz, Wayne, J. Cole x Ross."

8. TTV: Any Matrimoney x ??? collabs in the works?

Will x Geoff: "Yes, currently actually."

9. TTV: The weather isn't cooling off out here in Dallas anytime soon, but is there a Fall 2011 collection in the works, and if so, what can we expect from it?

Will x Geoff: "Crewneck sweaters, hoodies, hats, as well as tees and more accessories."

10. TTV: Where can people cop Matrimoney Clothing?

Will x Geoff: "Matrimoney Is available to Dallas locals @ Centre in Mockingbird Station, as well as Adikt in West Village."
11. TTV: What, or who are some inspirations to the Matrimoney crew? (Brands, artists, MC's, family, etc.) and why?

Will x Geoff: "Can't really name just one person, because there are tons of great people. Just really anyone who is grinding, not really following everyone else, but someone who is paving their own way."

Cop Matrimoney at: (Dallas Tx, West, Village) (Dallas, Tx - West Village)

Interview by - Phillip H.

Stay True

Big Sean @ Trees Hosted by Matrimoney, Centre, x Scoremore | 9.25.2010 |Trees | 2907 Elm Street | Dallas, Texas

Matrimoney Clothing, Centre x Scoremore are also hosting a dope show by bringing Big Sean to Dallas with artists including: Mickey Factz, Freesol; local artists Kevin Jack, Multi ID, Lil Tony x Androppolis. Tickets on-sale at Scoremore x Centre.

Also, Centre is hosting a meet x greet for ticket holders before the show at 5pm in-store. So drop by, say what to Big Sean, cop some Matrimoney, and enjoy life.

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