Butchers, Dragons, Gods and Skeletons @ Kimbell Art

Thursday, October 22 through October 25
Filmmaker Philip Haas has been appointed by the Kimbell Art Museum to create a series of five film installations (The Death of Pentheus, the Butcher’s Shop, Apollo and the Continents, Skeletons Warning Themselves and Arhat Taming the Dragon) based on paintings and objects in the museums permanent collection. Haas elaborates and recreates some of these works and puts a little twist on them. The film installations feature poetic and sensuous moving images that appear on bizarre screen plots that are enhanced by original music, architectural and sculptural effects. These installations allow you to form new vibrant ideas based off the original pieces and are visually pleasing.

Kimbell Art Museum | 3333 Camp Bowie | 817.332.8451 | kimbellart.org

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