HCG Gallery x Fancy Footwork Exhibit

HCG Gallery is host to some dope artists for their "Fancy Footwork" exhibit, which not only displays some masterful artwork, but also is serves as an outlet to provide charity for those affected by the Haitian earth quake.

HCG will be displaying work from artists: Karen Garret, Kevin McCartney, Alejandro Diaz, Sergio Garcia; and - one my favorite artists - street artists Carlos Donjuan. The "Fancy Footwork" exhibit manifests art that poses an authentic view on everything from the waist down - legs, shoes, feet, socks, etc.. The exhibit is exciting and fresh as it mixes a variety of styles together; your visual senses will definitely be pleased by this exhibit.

"Fancy Footwork" encourages visitors to participate in its shoe drive and bring shoes to provide for children of the Caribbean who were affected by the devastating earth quake.

Exhibit will be open through May 22, 2010.

Artwork: Carlos Donjuan
Stay True

HCG Gallery
Dallas, TX
1130 Dragon St.

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