Wes "Correct***" Berry

My bru Wes Berry has a little somethin' he's been wanting to get off his chest, and throw it out to the public. As a sleeper lyricists/writer/poet, dude wants to break the chains and let the world know what's up, as well as let the light shine on his work. I would like to introduce Wes "Correct***" Berry with his first-ever debut. Proper, I see you bra.

"You can write pen and tell teller
that I'm lost in a world where old inspires new
And to writing, no I'm not new to it
I've been doing it and nobody knew of it
Alone in my room, consumed
Throughout my life, searching for something
Something to distract, or refract what's frightening
Anger and sorrows that describe life
Dark times deserve a light, provided by bright
Casting shadows, not by the director
For this biography I need a biopsy
The death of a kid with an ill mind, autopsy
Because if this is real, I'd never wish this on an actor
I'll never know how fake feels, no placebo pills."

"Most are heard as unheard
not spoken, but loud words
eyes could listen as such powerful verbs
quietly what the hand sings
to paper or keys
replacing sounds without speech
To read between the lines would typically be
Provocative or in other ways symbolic;
Meaning, I don't need to say anything
to get my point across"

- Wes "Correct***" Berry

Stay True

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