Dunn and Brown Contemporary: Sam Reveles x Robyn O'Neil Exhibitions

Sam Reveles - Untitled Drawings | 24x18

Dunn and Brown Contemporary are host to artists Sam Reveles x Robyn O'Neil and their latest exhibitions "Juarez Paintings" x "Come, all that is quite".

Sam Reveles "Juarez Paintings" Exhibition:

Sam Reveles - Mandala Painting 2009, 2010 | 78x88

Once you walk into the Sam Reveles "Juarez Paintings" exhibit at Dunn and Brown you are gasped by the extremely bold, chaotic, and peaceful oil x acrylic paintings and gouaches on paper - especially by the larger wall pieces. Reveles' "Juarez Paintings" is an exhibit inspired by the war and violence being dispensed upon the city of Juarez, Mexico - a neighboring city from Reveles' hometown of El Paso, Texas. Reveles expresses his emotions using the Mandala technique, which usually expresses peace, but with Reveles chaotic techniques used within his work you can see the frustration that may be implied due to Juarez, Mexico turning into one of the top murder capitals in the nation, which is due in large part by drug trafficking.

Sam Reveles - Untitled Drawing | 24x18

Robyn O'Neil "Come, all that is quite" Exhibition:

Robyn O'Neil - Come All Things Quite 2009 | 60x60

This exhibit was definitely interesting, while talking with a staff member of Dunn and Brown Contemporary, I got the sense that Robyn O'Neil's "Come, all that is quite" exhibit expresses either man becoming more in-tune with nature - taking it back to the Romanticism and the Frontier Myth days - or man viewing nature and the world without boundaries. The mechanical pencil drawings definitely leave room for ones imagination to wander x wonder.

Robyn O'Neil - Phantom Limb | 60x60

Robyn O'Neil - On Sorrow 2009 | 60x60

"While O’Neil’s previous body of work narrated epic scenes of men struggling against Nature and the coming Apocalypse, she has now created drawings depicting a world after the world has won. The sublime power of Nature has dominated and her distinctive figures - men in identical track suits and Nike running shoes - have disappeared. The depictions now replace the previous landscapes, expansive mountains and ominous, stormy skies with images of a world disjointed and turned upside down, with seemingly no gravity and often lacking a horizon line. For example, the piece for which this show was titled, Come, all that is quiet, depicts only the back of a man’s head and a small looming cloud above him. The head floats in space as the figure gazes out over an empty world, perhaps representing a memory or reflection of what was once there." - Dunn and Brown Contemporary

Robyn O'Neil - Something Vanished Over Paradise 2009

Robyn O'Neil - Mind of Others 2009 | 60x60

Exhibit ends July 19, 2010.

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Dunn and Brown Contemporary | 5020 Tracy St. | Dallas, Tx 75205 | 214.521.4322

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