Cypher Kingdom x Move Studios

In an attempt to rejuvenate, and bring hip-hop back to its roots - the community, a Rhythms of Life Movement presents: Cypher Kingdom, which will be one of the rawest urban dance events to hit the DFW on Saturday, June 26 from 6pm-9pm. Now when we saw raw, we mean little choreo, 4 alternating cyphers (circle), one dancer at a time (no battles) and a lot of raw movement from the love of the music. Cypher Kingdom will be host to 4 styles over a two hour period which include: B-Boying, Krumping, Poppin' x House dancing. The Cypher Kingdom event not only calls for all dancers to revive our hip-hop community, but it summons for the hip-hop x dance lovers in our community to re-spark the movement.

The event only cost $5 - the dancers are more focused on bringing back hip-hop to our community rather then money - so come out and show some love for the talent in Dallas and help bring back hip-hop elements in our community.

Stay True

Cypher Kingdom Promo

Move Studio | Preston Rd. | Dallas, Tx 17602 | 972.732.0206 | Cypher Kingdom 6pm-9pm

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  1. Attended with my three grandsons who had an awesome time. Hope to be attending and following this movement in the future!

    Lovin it!

    Tessie Freeman aka AnimalMT

    (sending using my g-mail, her word press isn't working @ work,ha - David)

    I liked the event even if it was my first one. The start of something new! Next one to come in September.