Interview with Zul of Induce Wear

With success out in NYC, Zul - creator x designer - of Induce Wear is expanding his brand in his native state of Dallas, Tx.  With an emphasis on originality, Induce Wear delivers creative clothing for men x women that caters to any style.

TTV: What up Zul, Thanks for taking the time and linking up with us. So how did Induce start and what inspire you to birth the brand?

Induce Wear: "Anytime, well I came up with the idea of Induce clothing during the election in 2008. It was a very tense time for me, and a lot of other people, and I needed to do something to express what I was feeling at the moment. Something to move society in a totally different direction from materialism and the lack of creativity in mainstream culture."

TTV: What is the meaning behind the name "Induce”?

Induce Wear: "Induce by definition means to persuade or influence and that is what I set my goal to be with each of my designs. To provoke some type of thought process or feeling that any great piece of art conveys versus just printing mindless imagery."

TTV: Any inspirational figures to you in the fashion game?

Induce Wear: "Not too many to tell you the truth, but I have always been a fan of Shepard Fairey."

TTV: How would you classify the style of your brand? Fitted Streetwear, or Indie fit?

Induce Wear: "Streetwear, but more like street art, because most great artists started off selling and displaying their works in the street, whether on canvas or on the side of a building. As far as the fit, we print pretty much everything on American Apparel so I guess that speaks for itself."

TTV: Any musical or other artistic inspiration in the creative design process?

Induce Wear: "Some, but mostly people I have encountered or my personal experiences to tell ya the truth. Oh yeah, and the erb."

TTV: Hahah very nice, what kind of products do you guys offer? (Tees, fitteds, accessories, etc.)

Induce Wear: "In addition to tees, we offer Hoodies, girls’ tanks and dresses, Tote bags and backpacks and in the near future a full line of badass eyewear."

TTV: Is there a theme for the Fall/Winter 2010 Line x what can we expect from it?

Induce Wear: "Not really, but I am releasing a tee called “Rapping about…” that I hope will spark a change in Hip-Hop culture as well as a few other designs that I have been working on."

TTV: When x where can people cop Induce?

Induce Wear: "Besides online on my website,, All the Right and All Star Players in Queens, NY."

TTV: How do you see Induce evolving in the future?

Induce Wear: "I see myself leaning toward more illustrations and continuing to do my style."

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  1. i have an in-depth article coming up about zul and his company in the Brookhaven Courier's next issue 10/18/10 :D