Iphone Juice Air Pack by Mophie

For Iphone users always on the go, car charges don't always stand up to the challenge of keeping your phone powered up, so has Mophie designed a dope Iphone 4 case, which enables users to keep their Apple product protected with a hard-shell case, while doubling the power of the battery life.

The Mophie Juice Air Pack includes a built-in battery which allows you up to an additional 6 hours on 3G, 12 hours on 2G, of Talk Time; an additional 36 hours of audio playback, and an additional 9 hours video playback.  The Mophie Juice Air Pack also comes with an Acoustic Sound Enhancer, which provides a fuller x richer speaker for the iphone.

Retails: $80

Via - Freshness

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  1. I have the same one for my 3GS and it has saved my ass a COUNTLESS number of times! must have.