The Ecstatic Tour Recap 8/18 Dallas

This was by far one of the best hip-hop shows I've ever been too. With Mos Def, Jay Electronica, & opener Whosane on the mic--you already knew it was going to be hot. But the vibe of the crowd @ House of Blues & the music was just electric. Jay Electronica came out started crackin jokes and gave ppl money to get him drinks so he could loosin up a bit, but other then that, his flows were just sick. Although his songs are a good 8-10 minutes long, he shortened them up by performing a track then slidding into acapella, then picking up with another song and a few freestyles. Electronica even had a J-Dilla rep & moment of silence for the legend. There was nothin' but love from everyone & Jay Electronica was definitely feelin' it - considering his set went an extra 20 minutes longer then planned. Jay Elect also brought his girl & special guest Erykah Badu - who spit a freestyle and killed it - along with that soulful voice she put over on some tracks for Mos. There was a good wait for Mos to hop on the stage, but when he He came out on the percussions (which he played a lot throughout the show) while DJ Preservation & Gold Little Man were on the 1's & 2's. Live percussions & drums are always a plus in a hip-hop show, especially, over some Mos beats. Mos opened up with "Supermagic" & that just got the crowd going stupid. Along with a bunch of songs off his new album & some reggae joints, Mos did a little tribute to Michael Jackson for about 10 minutes with some exclusive mixes of "Rock With You" & a few others that were definitely hot & very unexpected. Mos was definitely in his zone last night just feelin' & groovin' to everything. I was hoping to hear a little more from his Black On Both Sides album, but he only performed about 2-4 tracks, which were still dope. This show was just all-round sick; like for real ya boy Jay Electronica can spit it; Whosane is coming into the game and really impressed the Dallas crowd; Mos was just killin' it with the soulfulness, & Miss Badu was just an added plus to this already sick line-up. If you have a chance, check out this tour because it is ridiculous.

Mos Def also performed an unreleased track produced by Kanye that didn't make it on his new album "Ecstatic". I'll definitely be on the lookout for the track this week because it was nasty, but check the raw footage & photos:
Unreleased Track Produced By Kanye Live

Umi Says Live

Lights Out Live

Ms. Fat Booty Live

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