Are the Mavs Ready?

The biggest problem was the Mavs big men and their defense. Hopefully the new post acquisitions this off season will pay off. Tim Thomas has been somewhat of a problem for the Mavs, and now that we have him we don't need to worry about that. Although Thomas will probably be sitting on the bench since he is injured; and with Drew Gooden and James Singleton in rotation with Dampier and Dirk the post game should be solid and will improve when Thomas returns to the rotation along with rebounding and some in point production with Gooden averaging 2 more ppg then Dampier. But looking @ a starting lineup with Gooden, Dirk, Marion, Howard and Kidd the Mavs should get the job done along with a solid bench.

I still think the Mavs mishandled Gerald Green and made a mistake of letting him go. Green is only 23-24 years old with ridiculous potentional and a great compliment to Howard at a low price.

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