Kanye VMA outburst

Hahahahaha, Kanye...my dude....keepin' it real is always legit, but at least let ol' girl finish getting her shine! Lol always 100 with it. But on some real ish, dude can interrupt Obama's address to Congress by calling him a liar a few times...but Kanye gets called a "N" by our society....let's be real for a minute and weigh the level of disrespect. Not saying Kanye wasn't wrong, dude was straight up rude (but still hilarious). You heard about the Obama outburst a few times throughout the day after his congressional address; guy apologizes and no one says anything after. Bet Ye' will apologize & you will hear about the Kanye outburst for months. What we really talkin' about?

Kanye VMA Outburst

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