Blueprint 3 Review

The album was definitely on point lyrically, straight target on point matter a fact. Some people were hatin' on the beats from track 6 & up, but they were exactly what I expected & stuck to the album's agenda. The main point of this album was to get back to focusing on the instruments, bringing the sounds out with a classic feel. The only track I had to listen to a couple a times was "On to the next one". The Swizzy beat was skeptical for the first 10-15 seconds & then came around, but only because HOV merked the track. I was a little upset that Kid Cudi didn't get a verse & Drake got reduced to a chorus on "Off That" because he would have ripped that track, & that's why I think HOV didn't let him put some real lyrics down. Also surprised Wayne wasn't on the album (woulda been nice on "Venus vs Mars"), if HOV is goin to talk about passin' the torch to the man, he deserves some shine on the album. I know HOV was tryin' to keep the shine on him this album (as would any artist) so I can see why he didn't put or let some of the hot artists on tracks. This is a top 10 album this year for me so far though, Jay-Z def. remains top.

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