Art Conspiracy 2010 x Dallas

The Art-Con is gearing up for its 2010 showing of local artists x musicians to support, well...other local artists and musicians. This non-profit event allows artists to create an original piece of work on an 18x18 panel the day before the show and auction them off on show day at a min. $20 while local musicians hit the stage and provide the sounds. After all is said and done, all proceeds will be donated to local Dallas charities selected by the Art-Con committee.

The Art-Con committee has decided to extend the deadline for artists x musicians to May 28, 2010, so if you want to hop on the Art-Con crew and shine your talents for the 2010 event, you best get on it and email:

This is definitely a dope event were artists (you), musicians (you), and members of our community (you) can get together and enjoy life while giving back to the D.F.Dub.

Date for Art-Con 2010 coming soon.

Stay True

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