Theo Martins - YCDTOTV x Theophilus London - I Want You

I'm extra late with this, but here are two Theo's you should get familiar with ASAP.

Theophilus London x I Want You Mixtape:

Theophilus London dropped his latest work "I Want You" last week, which was inspired by Marvin Gaye with some Euro/LA flavor to it. Mr. London is ahead of the game with his style, and quite frankly I haven't heard anything like it - that is, an artist doing this multi-genre of music justice. Mixing UK indie, Soul, R&B, LA/Euro electrogroove sets him apart from the rest...and I can rock wit it.

Rhode Island native, MC x DJ Theo Martins is keepin' it real with his style. Nothing less then progressive hip-hop done proper with some soul mixed into it. Compared to his electro-hop mixtape "Channel Surfin'", his newest work "You Can't Do That On TV" definitely shows the more soulful/progressive/new wave hip-hop with a legit raw feel to it...kinda reminds me of Ken Starr mixed with Lupe, but I don't like to label he's simply Theo Martins...dope.

Stay True

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