Young The Giant x Everest x Minus The Bear @ Granada 5/15/10 Recap

So a few chaps and I are rushing to the show trying to get some decent spots since we are running a bit late to the Granada, and of course we had to hit the bar first before hand. As we stumble into the theater hall we were hit with the booming melodies of Young The Giant, and through all the rush are able to get some pretty dope seats right in front of the stage.
Although I've never heard of them, California based opener Young The Giant instantly grabbed my attention with their pop indie energetic, original and pure sound and the stage persona was nothing short of that as well due to the singers funky foot work.
After Young The Giant came, L.A. based band Everest, which at first took me awhile to get into, hit the stage with their heavy kick drum patterns and bass riffs. Their sound was definitely different; the band opened up with a tune that had a folkish feel to it, which was a 360 from Young The Giant's high octane indie sound, but after two songs deep into the set Everest started to grow on me. Everest seems to be pioneering their own sound with flashes of blues, folk, indie, pop and groove that sets forth a sprightly feeling to the ear drum.
Then came the heavy Minus The Bear, who probably had the best setlist I've heard at a live show. Thinking they would deviate from playing a hefty chunk of songs from their new album "Omni" since it just dropped a little less than two weeks ago, the band did the exact opposite along with a good mix of tracks from "Planet Of Ice" and "Menos El Oso" albums as well, along with the band loving Dallas so much to play a handle full of encore songs due to the DFW showing a slew of love. All in All, all the three bands turned out a completely flawless show...proper.

Check some rawness from the show & more at Thetunnelvision Youtube Channel.

Young The Giant: Cough Syrup

Everest: "Let Go" x "Keeping The Score"

Minus The Bear: "Knights" x "My Time" x "Secret Country" x "Dayglow Vista Road" x "Into The Mirror"

Be sure to cop new ablums: Minus The Bear "Omni" x Everest "On Approach" and look for Young The Giant's new drop out soon.

Stay True

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  1. nice writeup, i was there! fell in love with young the giant... do you happen to know their setlist?