Black Milk "Album of the Year" Review

Making buzz with a title "Album of The Year," and cover art that completely understates how amazing this album truly is, Black Milk's new project had enough hype x expectations coming in with his fourth album.

Keepin' it short and simple, Black Milk out does himself with limiting features to Royce Da 5'9, Danny Brown, Elzhi, Monica Blaire x Ali, which not only adds an individual element to Black's self produced album, but also show's how the MC keeps evolving into a better artists x lyricist. With heavy percussions, strings, and an added rock x soul element to the production, only illuminates the lyrics to songs like "Keep Going;" "Closed Chapter;" "Round of Applause;" x "Oh Girl,"... let me stop before I name the whole album off.

This album is not only well rounded, but consistency is key; not to play off the title, but this album literally might be one of our favorites this year.

Simply proper with this one, to sum it up in one word..."wow." Definitely some food for thought x real hip-hop for the feens.

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