Dallas Artist Interview: Moses Uvere

After many track spins in the beginning of the year, we luckily ran into Moses Uvere at a sneaker expo event this past summer , and after meeting and joking around with this cat, his passion for his artistry was just oozing off of him. We recently caught up with him and ask Moses Uvere "Who Are You?" in terms of him as an artists, Uvere simply said "I'm a 24 yr. old man chasing a dream." - Moses Uvere....proper.

As Uvere easily keeps the southern swag, mixed with his own style x keeping it positive, his messages from struggle to triumph will definitely have you appreciating him as a person x an MC while he keeps the production and lyrics on point to have you not even noticing that the profane verbiage is vacant.

TTV: What message are you trying to send the masses in your lyrics? And with a southern swag, do you think its easily relatable?

Moses Uvere: "I'm just trying to paint pictures of certain times and moments in my life. I want my lil niece to look back on my old songs and see where her Uncle was at, and what he was experiencing. I believe people can relate to real life, and that's all I write 'Real Life Music.'"

TTV: As a local artist, how do you see the hip-hop scene in Dallas growing?

Moses Uvere: "I think the Dallas scene sucks. The underground is popin', but the ain't getting' no love out here from the mainstream side of things. Then also, the "Crab in the Bucket" mentality is out here as well, but despite that, there are a lot of talented and wonderful people in this city!"

TTV: Any collabs with other Dallas artists in the works?

Moses Uvere: "My producer mentioned to me that we might have Kyle from the band "Forever The Sickest Kids" (which is from the DFW area) play some drums on our new songs. I have one collab that I have in mind thats going to shock the world, but for now that will be my lil secret."

TTV: Every time I link up with you it seems like you've got another show right around the corner, when's the next one around DFW? Any plans for a tour?

Moses Uvere: "Man I have an upcoming show in the Dallas area Sept. 26 at the Curtain Club. That show will actually be the last show of a two week run of shows I'm doing with a DJ out of in West Texas named DJ Promote."
TTV: Top 10 MC's x Producers

Moses Uvere: "Rappers: Joe Budden, Master P, Ludacris, Jadakiss, Japhia Life, J. Cole, LionHeart, Gallery Cat, Ty City, Anonymous Culture. Producers: Dustin Cavazos, Adam Messenger, Justice League, BO-1DA, Just Blaze, Tony Stone, Kanye West, Jayflow (GP1), Lethmojoe, Jonny Mack."

TTV: Do you have a mixtape/album dropping soon?

Moses Uvere: "Yah I do. I just recently signed to Chaos Theory, which is owned and ran by Universal producer Geoff Rockwell. He and I are putting out an EP by the first quarter of 2011. It's gunna be my first label release which I'm really excited about!"

TTV: Alright taking it into left field, who is the flyest lady?


TTV: What's on your playlist right now?

Moses Uvere: "J. Cole - "Blow Up;" Mike Posner - "Cooler Than Me;" Death Cab For Cutie - "Soul Meets Body."

TTV: Uvere, always a pleasure my dude. Any shootouts x cat's we should keep a look out for?

Moses Uvere: " Anytime! Big shouts to my family all of my brothers and sisters and my father! Be on the lookout for "Spanish Bombs" from my very good friend LionHeart. Check him out at:

Interview by Phillip H.

Stay True

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